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Prof. Tengiz Chitaishvili

Dr. Rusudan Zhghenti


The international Fund "Interculture" is a nongovernmental and noncommercial organization the main purpose of which is to assist the development of the Georgian culture, its popularizations in Georgia as well as beyond its bounds. With this purpose the Fund has founded corresponding structures such as art collectives, educational and scientific groups; there are talented musicians, artists, sculptors, etc. musical and choreographic collectives, young scientific and capable students in the Fund.

line Today, by the means and assistance of the Fund, many talented young musicians raise their professional level in prestigious high educational institutes of Europe, they are: Winners of International music competitions and festivals – Guri Chitaishvivli (Köln, Germany), Ana Nanuashvili (Stuttgart, Germany), Nino and Ia Davitashvili (Germany), Tamar Shalvashvili, Nino Matcharashvili and etc and the others

Trio "Apex"

here in Georgia, e.g. Mariam Machaidze (violin) - 15 years old, studies in N2 Mikeladze musical school, her teacher is Teimuraz Peradze.Awards: the first prize of the open competition of young musicians (Tbilisi, 2002), the second premium at the international competition in Kaunas (Lithuania, 2005), diplomas of musical festivals in Heilbronn (Germany, 2003, 2006), in Athens (Greece, 2005). a Grant of Liana Isakadze (2004), the first premiums of the competitions - "the Temple of Muses" and "We Search Talents" (Tbilisi, 2004), a diploma of the Fifth international competition "Nutcracker" (Moscow, 2005) of the Russian TV channel "Culture", participated in the concerts, dedicated to the tragedy in Beslan ( International Festival in Nice, France. 2003) where she was awarded with the French violin for her virtuosity. Now she plays the violin presented to her by Leins club.

Pheride Keshelava, painter-designer

One of the basic directions of the Fund activity is carried out by the International Cultural Programs Department supervised by a pianist and singer – Nino Taktakishvili, program manager is Zeinab Chikvinidze, the coordinator of the programs is a pianist - Tamar Gurashvili.

During the last 10 years the Department realized series of interesting projects, here it is worth mentioning the Georgian and German students and creative youth exchange concerts and festivals, among them some musical schools of the cities of Baden Wurtemberg, Shvaigern, Heilbronn, Nekarsulm etc. deserve special attention.

It is already 10 years as the Georgian children have close friendship with the pupils of Shvaigern musical school. During this time series of joint concerts were carried out  by German and Georgian young musicians in Georgia (cities: Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Signagi, Gurdjaani, etc.), similar concerts have taken place in the cities of Germany.


Heilbornn (Germany) 2007

All this has led to desirable results - the Georgian children have joined the European values, have got acquainted with German culture and new friends, on the other hand they have shown the German children the art and traditions of Georgian people. In November 2007 in Shvaigern Georgian children participation is planned in the fest concerts, dedicated to the musical school anniversary.

The Fund has great friendship with the musical school of Heilbronn, (Baden Wurtemberg, Germany). With mutual efforts and on the basis of the student's symphonic orchestra (under direction of doctor Matias Shvartser) we have created an international student's symphonic orchestra to which in 2007 the Beziers-mediterranee conservatory young musicians from France were united. At various times the orchestra played musical compositions of the West-European composers as well as the Georgian composers: a concert for a piano and orchestra by Otar


Taktakishvili (the soloist – Natia Bedenashvili), a concert for a piano and orchestra by Elizbar Lomdaridze "Erisioni" (soloists: Mishiko Kandashvili-the piano and Giorgi Mamniashvili-a flute piccolo), also orchestral quartet miniatures by Sulkhan Tsintsadze - "Laleе" and " Indi-Mindi ", a string quartet: Salome Bukia (the first violin), Mariam Machaidze (the second violin), Nino Nanobashvili (alto) and Giorgi Kikabidze (violoncello). The students of the Tbilisi state conservatory – Giorgi Tsabolashvili (clarnet) and Lasha Svani (trumplette) cooperate successfully with the orchestra. All this is reflected in a video television movie "orchestra" created in Germany by a Georgian TV reporter, professor of Tbilisi university Tinatin Chabukiani. The film was broadcasted several times by the Georgian TV channels.

The fund realizes interesting projects, together with musical school " Meandrio conservatory" (Athens, Greece). In 2005 in the concert hall of the school a festival with participation of young performing musicians of Greece and Georgia has been held. The concerts had caused huge interest in listeners and were a great success. In October 2007 in the concert hall of the French school "Athinon" (Athens) there will be held a meeting-concert of different countries students - Greece, Georgia, Ukraine and the USA. It will by all means contribute to friendship strengthening among the creative youth of these countries, mutual understanding and exchange of national cultures achievements.

"Suli' ko band"

The youth chamber branch orchestra "Suli' ko band" (the art director and conductor Sergo Tkabladze) is one of the Fund members. There are all the wind instruments presented there. The program of the orchestra is diverse and includes the works of the West-European and Georgian composers as well as popular cinema and entertaining music. For last few years the orchestra had several successful concerts in Georgia. It has been invited by different international organizations (often by the Goethe's Institute, embassies of Germany and the USA, etc.) to carry out concerts for them; the band has often been invited by different international festivals for participation; its activity always receives favorable reviews in the press and it gains sympathies of the listeners responding with interest to each concert performance of the orchestra.

Mzia Davitashvili and her studio

There is also a “Vocal Studio” under the direction of the Trans-Caucasian competition winner and the owner of “the Gentleman of Glory Award”, a soloist of the Z.Paliashvili State Opera and Ballet Theatre of Tbilisi  – Mzia Davitashvili in this Fund. The Studio pupils often participate in the concerts in Georgia as well as abroad. Many of them have become the winners of the


international competitions. They are: Elgudja Dzagnidze (Grand Prix in the International Competitions of “12 Pigeons” and the Borjomi Competition); Teona Dvali (Grand Prix, International Competition in Borjomi); laureates of various international competitions and festivals: Giorgi Andguladze, Murman Gabiskiria, Tamta Chilochava, Giorgi Narimanidze; winners of the international competition of vocalists in Bulgaria (gold sand) Lasha Sherozia, Mariam Glonti, Tamar Shoshiashvili, Vasil Rochikashvili.

"Mariallisi", Girls’ vocal folk-ethnographic ensemble founded by one of the researchers of the Georgian folk music, Rusudan Chitauri  is especially noted among the art collectives. The leader of the ensemble is Ketevan Chkuaseli, a young musician, conductor and composer, prizewinner of international festivals, the teacher of a vocal is Elizaveta Bedineishvili and the teacher of a folk singing is Nunu Kurasbediani. The ensemble had some successful tours among which it must be noted the concerts which the ensemble had in Athens (Greece) and Germany - Baden-Wurtemberg where it was awarded the winner of the international festivals.

Zeinab Togonidze

Coordinator of international culture programes

Rzeszow (Poland) Excursion 2008

The children's and youth club-studio " Bombora" is very interesting. The founder and art director is one of the outstanding figures of the Georgian stage – Lia Khorbaladze.

Besides the studio great musical-educational activity in the country, the studio has had many concerts in Georgia and abroad. The studio has achieved great success in Bulgaria (a resort - Gold Sand) in 2005 at the international festival where it has received two Grand Prizes and several special prizes, they are: Keti Koiava (Grand Prix), Ana Sokhadze (Grand Prix), Giorgi Gvelesiani, Lika and Sofio Jaoshvili, Giorgi Gabedava and Salome Khvedelidze.


Activity of the Science and Education Department headed by Irina Shaduri and supervised by Guram Skhirtladze (Vice-president, consultant in juridical affairs) aims at integration of Georgian pupils and students into European and the USA educational institutes according to their interests, purposes and financial possibilities, assists them to choose desirable programs, finds out complete information about educational institutes and the chosen course, carries out spade-work of arrangement at all stages, assists young experts and scientists to raise the level of their professionalism abroad in corresponding profile organizations.

The Fund still continues to attract young students and talented people working in the spheres of art and science, to help them to stimulate their future activity, tries to create a new Georgian generation oriented to the west universal values and based on national traditions.

Our fund is a mamber organization of UNESCO